Are you thinking of selling your health services business or facility by yourself?

Think of this first:

1.  When an Intermediary is involved, that lends an imprimatur of credibility that the seller is not just testing the market, they are indeed serious by virtue of engaging a professional advisor, the corresponding process to realize the highest price will be orderly and THUS worth the investment of prospective buyers’ time and resources.

2.  Economic Axioms of Selling:

a)  Seller’s goal is to maximize price and get the best deal.

b)  Buyer’s goal is to minimize the price it must pay to make a deal and maximize its negotiating leverage.

c)  Buyer accomplishes (b) by discovering and exploiting market inefficiencies, i.e., finding and pursuing “off-market” deals with a single seller.

d)  Seller achieves (a) by soliciting offers from a competitive universe of potential capable buyers following a disciplined process

3. M & A Intermediary creates and ensures an EFFICIENT MARKETPLACE by soliciting multiple offers through a disciplined selection process to realize an offer that reliably reflects the current market value from a reputable buyer.

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