Seller Representation

Healthcare Transactions Group Seller Representation Sales Process

Our Mission at Healthcare Transactions Group, Inc.

To represent businesses for sale with superior professionalism, efficiency and integrity, to provide comprehensive information and guidance for decision-making, to canvass and screen the universe of potential competitive buyers thoroughly and to facilitate the transaction to closing continuously and skillfully, so that the maximum selling price is realized.

We can handle single or multifacility sales, divestiture spinoffs or multisite portfolio sales.  Click here for a recent portfolio sale we completed.

Sellers hire Healthcare Transactions Group to conduct exclusive private sales, to find and qualify prospective buyers, to prepare and distribute a Confidential Offering Memorandum describing their business operations, results and prospects, to negotiate the price and terms of the sale and to oversee the sales process discreetly.

We offer comprehensive Seller Representation services from planning, positioning and pre-marketing a company, determining the value of the business, identifying, soliciting and qualifying buyers in a bidding process, negotiating the deal, to the closing.  While we bring buyers and sellers together, our trademark is to continuously facilitate, coordinate and guide the transaction to closing.



1.  Pre-Marketing, Planning and Positioning the Company

  • Healthcare Transactions Group and client agree on a timeline, identify decision points and milestones, clarify premises, expectations and strategic goals of the client and the sale.
  • Healthcare Transactions Group defines upside potential, presents range of value and maps out divestiture strategy, and specifies information required

2.  Collect & Analyze Data and Prepare Offering Documents

  • Healthcare Transactions Group Collects and Analyzes the business’s historical and current data
  • Healthcare Transactions Group Prepares a Confidential Offering Memorandum (based on operating, historical, ownership, financial and regulatory data and key investment highlights).  The Memorandum also outlines procedures and the timetable governing the sale process.
  • Develop online Data Room

3.  Marketing and Solicitation

  • Healthcare Transactions Group Identifies Target Prospects, Solicit and Qualify Prospective Buyers
  • Healthcare Transactions Group Coordinates Execution of Confidentiality Agreements by Buyers
  • Healthcare Transactions Group Distributes Confidentiality Offering Memorandum to Prospective Buyers
  • Healthcare Transactions Group Uploads Detailed Historical and Background Information to Online Dataroom
  • Healthcare Transactions Group Manages the Flow of Information to Buyers and Buyer Queries

4.  Bidding and Selecting

  • Receipt and Evaluation of Bids
  • Negotiation of Bids
  • Selection of Proposal

5.  Due Diligence

  • Healthcare Transactions Groups Orchestrates and Fulfills Bidder’s Due Diligence Requests

6.  Negotiation

  • Healthcare Transactions Group Leads deal team negotiate the transaction

7.  Closing

  • Buyer Submits any Necessary Change of Ownership and other regulatory applications
  • Parties Plan Operational Transition
  • Preparation and Finalizing of Closing Documents and Schedules

For more information on Seller Representation services, please call us at 410-902-2450 or contact us via our online contact form by clicking here.