Our Approach

Strategic Thinking & Transactional Expertise & Industry Experience define our approach.

Mark Davis, founder of Healthcare Transactions Group and an MBA-educated professional, ensures that the firm’s activities follow an integrative business and investment banking model to mergers and acquisitions. This entails a comprehensive understanding of the business enterprise, its history, market, industry, management, financial and operational performance, proprietary mission, goals, prospects and growth opportunities and any other relevant variables. This interdisciplinary, integrative method lies at the heart of the Healthcare Transactions Group’s approach to healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

Once the business is understood and strategic and financial objectives are defined, then Healthcare Transactions Group acts as an Originator to identify suitable candidates for a transaction, as a Facilitator to orchestrate, coordinate and move the flow of information and process forward with the various constituencies and a Problem-Solver to help structure the transaction and bridge the gap between buyer and seller.

Below is a comparison between Healthcare Transactions Group, Inc. and a typical Real Estate or Business Brokerage firm.

Competitive Comparison

 Healthcare Transactions GroupReal Estate or Business Brokerage Firm
ApproachCombines strategic vision with transactional expertise. Function as financial, business and strategic planning adviser. HTG does not hold itself out as a broker, but as a true Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor. Customized solutions to match client needs Real Estate Brokerage, with intent to list as many businesses as possible. "Xerox" brokering.
Time SpentConsiderable amount of time devoted to each transactionLess time because they are juggling many transactions
Marketing StrategySelect strategy that's best for the client: Broad, when the situation calls for it such as for non-profit clients - Cast wide net and employ multiple channels to leave no stone unturned, while still targeting prime strategic buyers; Or Narrow, when confidentiality is paramount - Target "A" list strategic, well-capitalized buyers onlyNarrow - Round up the usual suspects. Often limit buyers to former clients or to curry new clients
Involvement in the ProcessContinuous facilitation from initiation to closing. Act in a lead capacity to arrange and participate in meetings with prospects, enable communications and coordinate the flow of information and activity with prospects, client and other professional advisors; Structure and negotiate dealPrimarily focused on making introductions at front-end
Offering MemorandumComprehensive analysis and evaluation of real estate, operations, finances, compliance, market and reimbursement dataPlug-in variables into a template that concentrates on real estate characteristics and neighborhood analysis
Upside Opportunity AnalysisIntegral component of the Confidential Offering Memorandum, based on supportable claims and evidenceOverly optimistic unsupported conjecture
Data DisclosureHTG collects and provide ALL background current & historical facility data for access to on-line data roomSummary only, detailed data by request; often critical information is not fully disclosed
Healthcare Industry ExperienceSignificantNone. Real estate or retail business brokerage only
Educational Credentials M.B.A. and additional masters degree in health systems planningUndergraduate degree only.
Valuation Knowledge and ExperienceSignificantSuperficial
Quantity Versus QualityStrategy is personalized involvement by seasoned Healthcare Mergers & Acquisition professional. Thus, thus fewer engagements and more time spent on each dealStrategy is to succeed through volume. Less time and attention is given to each deal.
Fees2% to 4%4% to 8%


*Note:  The description of the “real estate brokerage and business brokerage firm” in the table above although deemed to be valid relies on anecdotal information.  Healthcare Transactions Group, Inc. expressly disclaims any and all liability for representations or warranties, for statements or errors, expressed or implied, contained in, or omissions from this web page.