Sale of Facilities and Companies serving the Developmentally Disabled

Selling Businesses Serving the Developmentally Disabled Requires Specialized Experience and Knowledge

Healthcare Transactions Group has been buying and selling facilities, services and programs to the developmentally disabled since 1996, including Group Homes, ICF-MRs, ICF-DDs, Home and Community Based Services and Waiver Programs.  We have represented both for-profit and non-profit developmental disabilities’ providers when they are ready to sell.  Most recently, Healthcare Transactions Group initiated, advised on and closed the sale of Genesis Works and Avancer, Genoa, Illinois, the largest private for-profit owner and operator of group homes and day treatment services to developmentally disabled clients in Illinois.

To consider an acquisition of your developmental disabilities program or facility, potential buyers would need to review the following information:

• Medicaid Cost Reports
• Surveys
• Most Recent Waiver or Medicaid Rate Sheet Calculations
• Previous year and year to date Income Statement and Balance Sheet
• Current Census or Utilization Statistics
• Brief Description of Services, Supports and number of individuals served
• Types of Funding, Rates and Length of Contract, if waiver-sponsored
• If real estate is involved, is it leased or owned?
• Detail of Corporate Management and Overhead Charges and All Compensation to Owners & Directors

Healthcare Transactions’ strategies to maximize the selling price of businesses serving the developmentally disabled are:

• Identify and Contact Prime and Likely Potential Buyers…but still Market to a Large Audience of Potential Buyers
• Get House in Order before Sale, particularly Financial Statements
• Maintain an Orderly, Trustworthy & Confidential Process
• Allow for Flexibility in Process (Rebidding & Overbidding)
• Prepare a Convincing Confidential Memorandum – Specify Upsides and Key Investment Highlights
• Disclose Everything – No Secrets…Avoid Renegotiations
• Target “Strategic Buyers” rather than “Financial Buyers”
• Maintain Bidding Process to Ensure Maximum Price is Competitively Realized

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If you want to sell your facility or business serving the developmentally disabled, please contact us for our Seller Representation services. If you are a buyer interested in facilities and programs for the developmentally disabled that are for sale, please contact us.