Referral Fee Program

Have a Lead?

Turn Your Information into Money

Do You Know about a Healthcare Business that Might be for Sale?
Do You Know Someone Considering Selling their Healthcare Business?
Do You Know an Owner Wishing to Retire, Reduce Operations, or is Burned-Out?
Do you Know a Company that Wishes to Sell to Capitalize on Pricing Trends?

If you furnish the Healthcare Transactions Group with reliable information that leads to us serving as a mergers and acquisitions advisor/intermediary, and the transaction closes, we will pay you a generous Referral Fee promptly upon the the transaction’s completion. Think about it. We can monetize your leads and market intelligence.

If you would like more information on Healthcare Transactions Group’s Referral Fee Program, please contact us or call Mark Davis at 410-902-2450.  All conversations will be in confidence, and you will be protected.

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