Due Diligence

Healthcare Transactions Group can be engaged to perform onsite due diligence of potential acquisition targets and prepare findings and recommendations in the healthcare services industry, particularly in the post-acute care, behavioral and specialty medical sectors.

Following a desk review of the financial and operational statements and real estate, survey and reimbursement data, we would visit the facility or facilities, as applicable, and do an operational, physical plant, market, regulatory and competitive assessment, following a “SWOT” method, identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  Our final report would incorporate our desk analysis, and onsite evaluation, interviews with management and include our findings, photographs, pro forma projections, valuation considerations and recommendations.

We follow proven procedures that ensure the confidentiality of our work and the possible transaction to employees of the target.  Clients can guide us on how extensive they require our analysis to be and their timeline.   Irreparable and expensive mistakes can occur if the due diligence is not properly and adequately performed.  A common error is agreeing to compressed and unrealistic timeframe for completing the due diligence process.  Often the seller has to first collect and compile the documents and that reduces the seller’s allotted time to complete their due diligence.

Healthcare Services Due Diligence Metrics

  • Financial Results
  • Operations
  • Census
  • Reimbursement
  • Regulations
  • Market
  • Risk Management
  • Personnel Issues and Employee Benefits
  • Physical Plant and Assets
  • Legal and Organizational
  • Information Technology
  • Contracts and Agreements

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