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Post-Acute (Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Independent Living Facilities), Behavioral and Specialty Medical Services providers for Sale listed in the Table below.

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TitleDescriptionStateAnnual RevenueSectorOther
I/DD Company with Group Homes and Day Program18 CILAs (17 of which the company owns the real estate), with a total capacity of 117. clients. 2 Day Programs. Office Bldg.Chicago, IL$13.3 MillionI/DDOver 40% Operating Margin. State approved 15% rate increase for 2023.
80-Bed Assisted Living Facility Company5 Boutique-Style 16-Bed Upscale, Built-to-Suit
Assisted Living Residences
Carroll County, Maryland$3.8 millionPost-AcuteProfitable
9 Group Homes for I/DD Clients9 Group Homes for I/DD licensed as CILAsChicago, Illinois$3.0 MillionI/DDAll reasonable offers will be considered
50-bed+ Intermediate Care Facility for Intellectually Developmentally DisabledLicensed as ICF/DD. 100% Medicaid. Family-owned facility, owner seeks to retireIllinois$2.9 MillionI/DDAsking Price = $1.5 Million
Two Assisted Living FacilitiesFacilities are 30+ and 40 licensed beds each, serving the affordable assisted living market segment. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia$1.5 MillionPost-AcuteAsking Price = $2.6 Million
60 bed Assisted Living Living FacilityALFs for affordable assisted living sectorIn suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland$2.0 MillionPost-Acute$3.4 Million
Two Assisted Living FacilitiesALFs for affordable assisted living sector. Two locations, 87 Total beds.Arkansas$1.8 MillionPost-AcuteEBITDAR is 31% Margin. Reasonable offers from credible buyers will be considered

120+ bed Skilled Nursing Facility for LeaseSNF Lessor seeking new tenantPittsburgh, Pennsylvania area$7.8 MillionPost-AcuteSignificant Medicaid rate increase effective 1-1-23 and CMI increases

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