Transaction Advisory

Healthcare Transactions Group provides Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting to firms on deals they originate, including advice, negotiation and coordination.

If a company is considering a transaction, Healthcare Transactions Group’s expertise can assist you.   Our philosophy is to not just to conduct the deal, but to offer a strategic assessment of the transaction relative to the industry, market and corporate goals and resources, to ensure that the Company’s decision is the right decision and at the right time.  Sometimes the best deals are those that companies walk away from.

The purchase or sale of a health care business is a complex and often long process.  The course involves obstacles and pitfalls, be they economic, market, financial, legal, regulatory, clinical or anti-trust.  If you are unfamiliar with the issues or the process, there are many factors that can prevent success.

Healthcare Transactions Group can advise on deal structures, price and terms, prepare offering packages, coordinate due diligence, help bridge gaps between the parties, negotiate the deal and facilitates the closing. This can typically be structured on an hourly or a contingency fee basis or a combination of both.   We can act also as a Closing Coordinator, which involves overseeing and directing all facets of a deal to closing.

Healthcare Transactions Group can help clients execute successful transactions every step of the way by:

  • Screening and pricing prospective deals,
  • Differentiating and qualifying potential buyers and sellers,
  • Devising alternative strategies to structure and complete the deal,
  • Organizing and assisting the due diligence investigation
  • Negotiating the business deal,
  • Clarifying regulatory issues and options, and
  • Arranging the debt and working capital financing.

Our experience with a variety of healthcare services businesses allows us a better understanding of the whole healthcare system and how that affects valuation and buying and selling strategies.  This ties in with our advisory and strategic investment banking orientation of our intermediary work and gives a huge advantage over narrow real estate oriented brokerage firms.  We understand the healthcare industry and all of its market, clinical, reimbursement, risk management and regulatory variables.