Sale of Bed Rights

Monetize your Empty Beds

Give us your tired, your empty rooms, your huddled beds, yearning to be monetized.  Empty or delicensed skilled nursing facility beds are nonetheless an asset and have value!  The Sale of Bed Rights is marketing and monetizing the “operating rights” associated with temporarily delicensed or closed skilled nursing facility beds in Certificate of Need (“CON”) states.  “Bed rights” are the penumbra of intangible rights associated with an operating license, but not the license itself, because a skilled nursing facility operating license can neither be sold nor conveyed under the law.  When this process is referred to as the “sale of licenses,” this is technically incorrect and misleading.  Bed rights can be transformed into an operating license only upon State CON or other approvals.  This is NOT a straightforward sale but needs to be structured within CON guidelines to reduce of potential of the transfer being denied.  We know the rules and the way to do this.

We are very familiar with the Certificate of Need regulations in all the states.  There is a market to sell and monetize these rights, and Healthcare Transactions Group has completed many sales in multiple States.  Our principal, Mark Davis, spent ten years of his career involved in CON application review, preparation, and approval.   He retains his interest and monitoring of CON developments in all states.

If you converted double-bedded rooms to private rooms, you can convert the bed rights associated with the delicensed beds into cash by selling to another provider looking to add capacity.

This is a Sell-side engagement, and our fee is primarily contingent based on the successful and unappealable conveyance of the bed rights.

If you are interested, please call us at 866-MERGERS, or use our contact form. All discussions will be confidential.


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