Buyer Representation

Buyers hire Healthcare Transactions Group to do targeted acquisition searches, to screen and evaluate acquisition opportunities, and to advise them in potential transactions.

We offer several types of Buyer Representation arrangements.  If you are in the acquisition mode, please complete our Buyer/Seller Profile Form.  In addition, visit our New Deals/Companies for Sale page for our latest acquisition opportunities.

Our searches can be nationwide, regional or local or finding critical mass deals or explicit “fill-in” opportunities. Healthcare Transactions Group can originate, identify and screen prospective acquisition candidates based on client-defined acquisition criteria and preferences including, target geography, product line, price, size, market, sector, operational competencies, company values and reputation.

Healthcare Services & Facilities Buyers in the acquisition mode can work with Healthcare Transactions Group in one of three ways:

Ad-Hoc or Contingency Search Option

Buyer communicates their acquisition strategy and search criteria to Healthcare Transactions Group. If an opportunity arises that meets these criteria, Healthcare Transactions Group will present this to the company, (as well as to other potential buyers). Buyers will pay Healthcare Transactions Group a Transaction Fee, calculated as a percentage of the selling price, if the transaction closes. However, Healthcare Transactions Group may or may not present the acquisition opportunity to the company, and no exclusivity exists between Healthcare Transactions Group and any potential buyer.

Pro Active or Retained Search Option

Buyer and Healthcare Transactions Group enter a contract under which a buyer receives an exclusive right of first refusal for defined target opportunities found. Typically, because Healthcare Transactions Group is giving an exclusive right of first refusal to a buyer, the scope of the “deal universe” covering the exclusivity is defined and limited. Healthcare Transactions Group will aggressively orchestrate and pursue a targeted and methodical acquisition search for the buyer. For the exclusive right of first refusal and commitment of time and attention, the buyer pays Healthcare Transactions Group an ongoing retainer for the duration of the engagement. In addition, buyers may also pay Healthcare Transactions Group a Transaction Success Fee and other financial terms may be arranged between the parties In these situations, our strategic Exclusive Buyer/Retained Search approach ensures that we identify the most qualified candidates, who are considering selling or are active sellers.

Preferred Buyer Option

Buyer specifies their acquisition strategy and search criteria to Healthcare Transactions Group and pays Healthcare Transactions Group a retainer. For the fee, Healthcare Transactions Group commits to presenting every opportunity that meets target criteria to the buyer. While the opportunity may be later presented to other buyers, we give Preferred Buyers a “first look” and will show the Buyer every potential deal we find that matches their criteria. Healthcare Transactions Group will also take a proactive approach in finding opportunities consistent with Preferred Buyers’ criteria. This option is essentially a non-exclusive Right of First Refusal. Buyers will pay Healthcare Transactions Group a Transaction Fee, calculated as a percentage of the selling price, only if the transaction closes, less the retainer.

Whether operating in a Retained or Contingency Search mode, Healthcare Transactions Group serves buyers with the highest level of professionalism and delivers the most qualified acquisition candidates.

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