An excellent and inspiring college professor of mine, in his epitaph, wrote, “Try to remember that the nectar is in the journey.”  Indeed, the sale of a company, indeed a healthcare company, is a journey with twists and turns, disagreements, agreements, information gaps, regulatory issues, concessions, impasses, crises, and finally, resolution and close, which never comes easily, nor should it.  It can be an emotional roller-coaster. At Healthcare Transactions Group, we feel our role in Mergers and Acquisition is not just as an intermediary bringing the seller and buyer together, but as a professional transitional consultant to help you understand the process and valuation context, identify a suitable purchaser and manage the transaction to a closing.  We think of ourselves as your tour guide, wilderness tour guides to be exact, taking you on a journey through an unknown jungle, trailblazing the path for you and guiding you along the way.  We will work with the other side and all your advisors and bring it all home.  We are protective and will zealously advance and guard your interests.  We know the path; we have walked it many times.  We deeply respect that this is your first, and maybe the last time you sell a company.  We want to make this a fruitful and worthwhile journey for you with as little drama as possible.  If you go on this journey, be prepared to buckle up; there will be drama, and that’s where our thirty-plus years of M&A experience will guide you through the turbulence and disputes to calmer shores, to realize monetized assets at the end.  We want to direct the process as your pilot and tour guide but keep you informed at all times.  Finally, despite what my former esteemed professor said, surely there is nectar at the end too, but only if you successfully embrace the journey and navigate the course.